Michigan State of the State Notes; Snyder mentions immigration, farmworkers

Following are notes from tonight’s State of the State speech, which was live tweeted by several wonderful people using the tag #MISOTS at Twitter. And while you’re at Twitter, don’t forget to follow us: AdelanteFwdMag.

“The next group I’m going to mention has been too often not talked about and forgotten but they’re critically important. They’ve been the unsung heroes of our economy, and that’s the people in agriculture. Over the last decade they’ve been one of the shining lights for our state, and we need to remember we’re the second most diverse agriculture state in the nation, and we’re going to continue to grow and do better. So I say thank you to everyone in the agricultural industry.”


Talent. This is truly a case of last but not least, Traditionally the public sector has focused on talent through workforce development. This isn’t good enough. We can minimize waste and add real results for people by better aligning our careers with our people and their skills that they have and that they need.”


Continued re: talent portal and etc.


(33 mins) We need help from our Federal partners to create immigration opportunities for individuals who have advanced degrees or who are entrepreneurs. Having these individuals building businesses in  Michigan would create new jobs for our citizens. Right here in Michigan we need to remember that immigrants were the founders of Dow Chemical, Meijer and MascoCorp. We’re going to be working on this with support from Michigan Universities, the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, the Operation Engineers Union and the Teamsters.


I appreciate all their support and hope others will join us in this effort. (tepid applause)