Shinsky Orphanage 5K Walk/Run Before the MSU vs Notre Dame Game

hinsky Orphanage 5K Walk/Run Before the MSU vs Notre Dame Game on September 15 at 10 a.m., at Hawk Hollow Golf Course 15101 Chandler Road Bath Township, MI 48808


On Saturday September 19, 2012 prior to the MSU vs Notre Dame football game, I will be participating in the first Kesler for Kids at the Shinsky Orphanage 5K Walk/Run. Our goal is to raise $100,000. to build a dorm for our children ages 5-10, so they can have their own age appropriate living environment, and supplement our children’s crafts and sewing materials, education, food and medical supplies.  You can be an exceptional support of this effort by donating a per K donation of $1.00 to $100. for each of the 5K that I will complete.  You can make your donation online at or you can mail in a donation to Shinsky Orphanage c/o Friends of the Orphans 134 North La Salle Street, Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60602-1036. I assure you that 100% of your donation will go to directly supporting the children and that we will continue to change our children’s lives from poverty, abuse, and neglect, to opportunity, success, and service to others.

Mrs. Kesler, affectionately known as “Lady Di,” was an avid supporter of the Shinsky Orphanage.  In 2011, Mrs. Kesler passed away and asked that all donations be given to the Shinsky Orphanage.  It is our hope to honor “Lady Di’s” passion for giving to our children by hosting a very successful 5K Walk/Run in her honor.  You can help us achieve our goal by contributing in one or more of the five following ways.

–          Participate in the 5K Walk/Run (Go to and select the Registration button). Also, an entry form is attached that can be sent in. In addition, you can create your own “Fundraiser Website” so friends, family, colleagues, etc. can make per K donations to support your 5K Walk/Run by doing the following:

o   Set up a account or login with your existing information.

o   This will create a page for you which you can send to your friends and family to encourage them to donate. You can customize the link so it is just for your name  (   Send your link to your friends and family and let the fundraising begin!

–          Donate a per K amount supporting John Shinsky’s 5K Walk/Run by going to:

–          Encourage your family, friends, colleagues, etc. to donate to the 5K Walk/Run by referring them (It would be extremely valuable if you could send this donation link to 25 of your closest friends, family, etc. If everyone does this, we will reach our goal!)

–          Make a donation to the orphanage by going to and selecting the “Donation” button at the bottom of the page.

–          Become a sponsor of the 5K Walk/Run event by filling out the attached “Sponsor Form” and sending it to Kesler for Kids/Shinsky Orphanage P.O. Box 307 Bath, MI 48808.

I ask you to please give whatever you can to support our children at the Shinsky Orphanage.  Your support is truly changing the lives of the children.  The “2011 Orphanage Highlights” are attached to give you a glimpse of the many wonderful experiences the children at the orphanage are having because of your support.   Thank you so much for supporting the “Lady Di” Kesler for Kids at the Shinsky Orphanage 5K Walk/Run.