Next Edition Information, Theme, Deadline

Next Issue Information

Submission deadline: We’re asking for submissions to come to us by November 21, 2014, if not before. We ask this so that our small staff can produce the issue in time to enjoy the holiday season.

Distribution: The next edition will print in time for distribution at events and celebrations focusing on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as we commemorate his legacy on January 19, 2015. It will be circulated in January, February and early March, 2015.

Special Events: We will publish in time for MLK day. In addition, please note that this issue will distribute immediately prior to César E. Chávez day in March, should you wish to inform the public of any related community events.



The January, 2015 issue will again carry extensive content from a partnership with Michigan State University, with the theme being COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. In addition, we hope to see information on how YOU or your group will be engaging the community, specifically in the tradition of César E. Chávez. However, as usual, the theme is only a suggestion, and we encourage advertisers and contributors to produce content that is most useful to you.



Please provide ready-to-print work via PDF or native format by November 21 to publisher Dr. Rodriguez at or Managing Editor Allena Tapia of GardenWall Publications at Ad prices  remain unchanged and can be found online at In addition, a full advertisers kit with sizes, prices, tips and information is available, too.