1. Good morning Adelante Magazine,

    I was hoping to follow-up on an e-mail I sent last week regarding advertising in your monthly publication. I am one of the research assistants at the MSU Center for Orthopedic Research (MSUCOR). We are a non-profit research center affiliated with Michigan State University. We are currently looking for people with neck or low back pain for a NIH funded research study and I thought your publication may be a good advertising investment for us. Could you please send me the pricing and any additional specifications I would need for a print ad. The ad I would like to run is 5.04 x 3.75.

    Thank you,

    1. Darnit LeeAnn, I didn’t have email notifications on for comments. I am so sorry, and they are now turned ON. Good thing we connected on email, huh? 🙂 ~Allena

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